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Body Care

Our massage therapists offer Swedish, Deep Tissue and Hot Stone therapies which help to promote overall health and wellness and support the body's immune system. Our relaxing massages provide pain relief and improve circulation which aids the body in detoxification. Better sleep and stress reduction are also achieved with regular massages. Body wraps and scrubs add to your overall wellness experience. Let our trained professionals customize each therapy to your specific needs using the aromatherapy of your choice with every massage.

Massage Therapies

Essential Massage 50 min | $115, 80 min | $139
Breathe Deeply 50 min | $129, 80 min | $149
Prenatal Massage 50 min | $115
Hot Stone Therapy 50 min | $139, 80 min | $159
Teen Inspired 30 min | $60
Reflexology 30 min | $60
Massage Break 30 min | $60
Extended Scalp Massage with Aromatic Oil $39
Paraffin Hand or Foot Therapy $29 each
Aromatherapy $10